Business Assessment Services


We offer three levels of Business Assessment services that are designed to meet your needs at the stage of your development. Wheather you are interested in a general review or an in-depth operations assessment, we have developed the following packages to meet your needs. Please call us today for a complimentary consultation to customize a service package specific to your situation.

Level 1 - Foundational Review 101



This program is tailored especially to the operator who desires to expand foodservice and/or increase profitability of existing operations. We will conduct a thorough evaluation of your existing Foodservice operations, and deliver a high-level assessment, complete with:

  1. Core Business Concept Operational Execution Review

  2. Business Organizational Alignment Infra-Structure Evaluation

  3. Foodservice Core Compentancies Scorecard 

  4. Operations Financial Measurement and Profitability Analysis

  5. Industry Quartile Performance Benchmark Report

  6. Financial Review Analytics Gap Performance Highlights


Deliverables: High level Operations Assessment Evaluation, Powerpoint Presentation, including Key Diagnostic Analysis and Benchmarking Reports. We are able to conduct the GAP Performance Analysis at deeper levels for chain concepts, to include market clustering exception, sales trending, waste and profit loss reporting. 


Typical service requirement ranges 10-14 man days, duration 30-45 calendar days.

We can also add additional services from Level 2 to customize program. 


We offer a four-fold pay back on our services, to identify immediate cost and profit gains to offset our consulting service costs for a high yield ROIC.

Level 2 - Operational Assessment 201



This program is designed for the operator who is well below profitabilty expectations and requires a full assessment in preparation for Revilation or New Concept project committments. This service program includes the Foundational Review 101 consulting business services, taken to a "Deep Dive" level to conduct a full strategic business evaluation of every "Enabler" necessary for a successful operation, quantifiable financial analysis to support concept revitalization/expansion

  1. Product Offering & Quality Specification Review

  2. Menu Cost & Profitability Analysis by Venue Category

  3. Facilities Design, Productivity and Menu Management Efficiency Review

  4. Theoretical Net Profit Analysis by Venue

  5. Waste Can Audit and Menu Engineering Waste Review

  6. Labor Proforma Efficiency & Productivity Time & Motion Study

  7. Food Safety Standards & Crisis Management Planning

  8. Visual Merchansing & Brand Marketing Strategy Review

  9. Daily Management Operating Systems & Standards

  10. Capital Investment ROIC Performance Analysis


Deliverables: Extensive Strategic Operations Assessment, to include immediate execution plan for profitability. Powerpoint Presentation, with detailed supportive documentation and executable financial analysis templates. Includes quantifiable recommendations and financial KPI report.


Typical service requirement ranges 21-30 man days, duration 45-60 calendar days

Level 3 - Revitalization "911" Operating Plan



Foodservice is an ever changing environment and what works today will be stail and stagnent 18-24 months later. We offer a complete and comprehensive Fiscal Operating Plan service called the "Growth Now" Diagnostic Analysis. In this program, it is assumed that profitability is either flat or negative, facilities space and capital exist to invest in current people and financial resources to infuse existing brands and venues with "New Life". Concepts are considered in emergency mode in threat of competition from local channels.


The Revitalization 911 Plan includes all services offered in our Level 1 & 2 Program, augmented by a complete Business Alignment and Corporate Infra-structure review of all functional departments supporting Foodservice. The Operations Review and Strategic Assessment will be at a "Deep-Dive" level to uncover financial performance GAPS by company-wide functional departments as well as store-by store, district GAP Analysis and assessments. This includes a full Vendor Relationship Production Contract Review, as well as any supporting production commissary facilities owned and all technical and skill enablers reviewed.


We leave no stone unturned to identify your full Profit Quotient to Success!


Program cost varies based on chain size and concept requirements. Typical program requirement ranges 30-45 man days, duration 60-90 Calendar Days, depending on the project scope and number of venues and oeprating unit territories. THis program is possible only if the operator is able to produce detailed financial performance from product mix reporting. Multiple venue concepts may require additional man days for analysis and retail concept requirements.


This program is designed to revitalize immediate performance to anticipate future capital investment  in Level 4 as self-funding development phases.


Level 4 - Fresh Start "Profit Growth" Strategy



Get Ready leap-frog your competition and draw a new customer base, while expanding the current and dramatically accelerating profitbility!


We offer "Pop-Up" Venues from conceptual design and development, through every phase of construction and facilities management. We help you develop profitable menu structures and visual merchandising sets that SELL!


We will increase your effectiveness and reduce burden on your organization. We engage all available internal and external relationships, training and teaching all functional departments as we develop the necessary best practice standards to empower your management team to be successful in foodservice.


We works closely with your corporate resources as interim management support experts every step of the way. We develop a tailored solution for your market and core competancies. We develop programs in a Three Phase Approach: Crawl, Walk, Run. This approach allows us to tailor a solution to meet the core competancies of the business and to align with the competiting growth strategies within the organization. We formulate an executable plan that will acheive results.

We will outline all financial accountability and operational standards necessary to succeed and execute exceptional service to your customers and distinguish you in the marketplace long-term, delivering a Comprehensive 3-5 year Fiscal Plan.


Program cost varies based on chain size and concept requirements. Typical program requirement ranges 60-120 man days, duration 3-6 Calendar months. Concepts that are stand-alone with new constructiond design typically require 9-12 months development cycle, of which will be detailed on Critical Path Timeline 250 point checklist and full project coordination of all functional corporate departments, coordinating all third party resources for Turn-Key implementation. We support you through execution to profit stabalization.




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