Sales Engineering Profit Gap Analysis


This product offers a complete review of the current menu product mix, to identify the "Stars" and Dogs" of your menu and then specific recommendations of how to improve the profitbiality of your program. The analysis will evaluate each menu item, it's relative sales and profit quotient to determine financial scenario's to change the program towards profitable growwth. Chains who have multiple territories and districts, will recieve Performance Gap Analysis rankings to identify chain opportunities for immediate growth. This analysis can be generated monthly, quarterly or annually, comparative to previous period. 



The Kitchen Sink Waste Audit


Have you ever wondered why you can design a program with products that have good margins but never seem to get profitbaility to the bank. During the Kitchen Sink Audit, we disect your menu to every conceivable element to identify lost sales and profit to the bottom-line. We will conduct a financial P&L fully loaded with all waste, labor and known operating expenses to construct a Menu Modeling Analysis, that will aid in your development of a long-term Food Strategy. We will perform "What If" Scenario analysis in quantitative fashion that you can implement immediately for short-term results. If you deside to upgrade your menu program and expand into new options, we can help you develop the right Food Strategy that can differentiate your stores, in this highly competitive market space.

Dispensed Beverage Cup Standards Audit


One of the most profitable categories in Foodservice is Dispensed Beverages and we know that your Coffee Program can be the cornerstone of your quality statement. When you engage us for the Beverage CupStandards  Audit, we take you on a discovery process that will change your outlook on this category forever. We will disect your program, delivery method, product and specifications during a thorough quality evalution and waste analysis to outline every penny of opportunity in the cup you serve. We will review your commodity pricing, your packagin, branding, presentations as well to determine training needs, marketing programs and profit recommendations, that will propel you to new levels of profitablity. We will review and quantify immediate long-term growth strategies.

Business Analytics Services


Foodservice911 offers a suite of Strategic Business Analytic products that can help propel your business to new levels of awareness and financial growth. These products are designed to support our bundled Business Assessment and Strategic Solutions programs. The following products are offered "Al a Carte" and can be provided for isolated situations or as an on-going quarterly or annual review process.  We have the capability to provide these via the web on-line portal and database server to provide the convenience of access and data population to view real-time results to help you achieve your financial goals.

Commissary Feasibility Study


The Commissary Feasiblity Study is for clients who want to understand the financial cost breakdown of building, running or managing a commissary production facility. This feasiblity study reviews a current commissary operation for standards of excellence, infra-structure components, facilities equipment, menu management, order and supply chain efficiency, food safety and quality assurance. We review the logistics and delivery supply chain distribution and provide quantitative financial analysis for you to determine the Return on Investment required to either expand or upgrade an existing facility, as well as outline the strategy to partner with a production facility or build a proprietary production program.


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